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Slewing Ring Research & Development
Fangyuan gives full play to the level enterprise technology center and engineering technology research center advantages, increase R & D investment, ongoing product development and technological innovation. In design and development, applicated Hao Chen ICAD dimensional design software and CAXA three-dimensional design software to optimize product design applicated and developed for a variety of computer application software rotating bearing capacity calculations, gear carrying capacity calculations, slewing bearing life calculation, bolt strength calculation application ANSYS finite element analysis software simulation products for structural stress analysis using the condition, further optimize the product structure to avoid design flaws and improve the cost-slewing.
Through 27 years of R&D and accumulation, Fangyuan formed a complete research system and the slewing bearing theoretical system, has developed a single-row ball , three-row ball , cross-roller , four point row ball type, double row ball type, double-rotary, drum type, half type eight series of slewing bearings, product specifications nearly 2,300 kinds of models. And in recent years, more than 200 new products come out averagely. Product application areas including construction machinery, engineering machinery, port machinery, metallurgical machinery, light machinery and military equipment, wind power, solar power and other industries.
The company has undertaken the national Torch Program, the provincial city of major research and technology projects , the implementation of industrial R & D results and marketization, the formation of the company's new economic growth point for the expansion of its scale to provide a strong protection. In recent years, 12 scientific and technological achievements were the State Intellectual Property Office patents, of which an invention, 11 utility model patents In addition, there are three utility model patents and five patents have been the State Intellectual Property Council accepted. Our main product Q Series ring, 01 series of slewing ring and slewing bearing large 1.5MW wind was awarded the provincial key high-tech products.
In order to expand Fangyuan brand in the world, the company has applied trademark in the United States,  Germany, Canada, Korea and other countries, in which the United States, Germany, Canada Fangyuan slewing trademark has been approved.
Fangyuan series slewing bearing has passed the ISO9002 quality system certification in December 1999, ISO9001 quality system certification in 2003 , ISO18000 occupational health and safety management system standard and ISO14000 environmental management system requirements and the use of Guide review certification in August 2006.
Slewing Ring Technology Research & Development
First, process and equipment:
1, wind power rotary bearing technology research and development
According to working conditions with the characteristics and technical requirements of wind power slewing bearing design for machining process, and zinc on the surface of the technical requirements for process research on wind power slewing performance test, the manufacturing Technology meets German joint venture on wind power slewing ring of the product requirements.
2, Ultra-precision technology research and development of military rotary bearing
For the military super-precision rotary bearing, high requirements for its product technology, long life and high reliability for technology testing and development, and the product high and low temperature starting torque test, vibration test, and the rotary bearing life and performance testing, The technology experts through the demand side, the identification of technical appraisal review group.
3, thin annular processing technology, R & D
The technology of thin circular workpiece optimizes processing technology to address the process of clamping and deformation problems, this new technology has been declared a national patent now.
4, slewing ring research technology test equipment
Performance requirements for slewing ring, slewing ring of the product process of the test equipment used in research and development, and joint university performance on the slewing ring product design, manufacture, performance test bed, self-developed torque test stand, high and low temperature torque test rig, and the assembly station, now the key indicators of performance test platform has been qualified state certified quality inspection departments
5, slewing ring detection device process development
Large slewing ring for the length of the size measurement problems, using Heidenhain grating length measurement calibration device for research and development, to solve the problem of large rotary bearing length measurement, the joint declaration of the current state of this technology has been patented.
6, slewing ring machining of new materials technology test tool
Slewing bearing products for the precision, the direction of high hardness, the machining of new materials and surface treatment technology test tool to solve the difficulties of processing, improved product quality, reduce processing costs of the product.
7, the application of advanced process management technology
For slewing ring product variety, processing requirements are inconsistent the current situation, the secondary development of the CAD to CAPP product machining process planning, process materials required for the product??s BOM with ERP inventory management, combined with accounting product of the standard cost for cost control.
Engineering and Heat Treatment Centre:
1, the relevant testing equipment:hardness meter,thermometer,microscope,mechanical pre-polishing machine, projector
2, the relevant process: development of a series of slewing ring gear, roller Frequency Induction Heat Treatment Process. Especially wind power, military rotary bearing the heat treatment process, now in full production.
3, related to inspection: the induction hardening of surface hardness, hardened layer depth measurements of the hardened layer and base structure for metallographic examination.
4, heat treatment equipment: 1 set the overall quenching imported machine tools, 4 sets of the overall quenching of domestic machine tools, 4 sets of single-tooth quench machine 12 sets of roller quenching machine.
Research and Development of Slewing Ring Inspection and Testing Technology
The inspection and testing center of Ma Anshan Fangyuan Slewing Ring Co., Ltd is a comprehensive inspection and testing center incorporated with measurement, test, research and analysis to further fulfill the research and development of slewing ring inspection and testing technology, enhance the product quality control and provide service and guarantee for product R&D, technology innovation, following the establishment of the provincial technology center of the company.
The inspection and testing center has complete equipments and scientific and advancing testing method. Testing from the raw material of the product, full automatic Brinell hardness tester ensures that the hardness of raw material quality conforms to the technical requirements and direct-reading spectrometer effectively analyzes the chemical composition of the raw material. After the product is roughly processed, use the ultrasonic flaw inspection method in non-destructive test to remove the internal defects of metal material. After the product is finely processed, use laser geometric measuring system to measure the flatness of slewing ring, portable three-dimensional measuring arm, three-dimensional measuring machine, image tester, gear circular pitch measuring machine, gear base pitch measuring machine and electronic roughness tester can comprehensively measure and analyze the static characteristics such as basic dimension, form and position tolerance, etc and can inspect the type test items of slewing ring products. Torque test-bed matched up with high-low temperature test box can test the dynamic characteristics such as the starting torque and rotating torque of the product at high and low temperature, digital multi-function test bed use computer automatic control, has the functions like automatic testing, diagnosing and warning, can further imitate the operation conditions of the slewing rings at different working conditions, can analyze the reliability of the slewing rings, and compute the life span of raceway and gear scientifically. In addition, the inspection and testing center has advancing chemical and physical equipments such as invert metalloscope, micro-hardness tester, Rockwell hardness tester, Cisi microscope and steromicroscope for improving the heat treatment quality during fabrication process, which establishes a solid foundation for improving and stabilizing the heat treatment quality of the product.
The improvement of inspection and testing capacity by a large margin increase the inspection and testing items of the product and enlarge the inspection and testing range and make the technology improved product and large quantity of new product tested and verified sufficiently before formal production. The departments including R&D design, technology and production departs can optimize and adjust the design, technology and fabrication process continuously to guarantee the leave-factory quality of the product and increase the customer??s satisfaction degree about the product of the company.
Strongly supported by the company strategy of sustainable development, the inspection and testing center will be further enlarged. The company will bring in more advancing inspection and testing equipments from home and abroad constantly according to the demands for product R&D, design, theoretical analysis and technology improvement, provide more reliable basis for product quality and offer reliable guarantee for the technical progress of Fangyuan Slewing Ring.